Core Values

Our Values and Culture Are Critical Elements Of Our Past And Future Success

  • Safety – Maintain and foster an incident and injury free culture.
  • Quality – Assure that all products reach the customer on time and in perfect condition.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Provide unsurpassed value in our products and services.
  • Integrity & Ethical Behavior –  Commit to honesty in all dealings, and be a socially responsible company in all practices.
  • People (Respect) –  Understand that everyone (employees, suppliers, and customers) have qualities that aver valueable and worthy of honoring.
  • Waste Elimination (Muda) –  Recognize that there are components of every interaction that do not add value to the business, and strive to eliminate those activities.
  • Engaged & Empowered Teams –  Solicit constant horizontal and vertical organizational communication within the company.  Accept the ability of all employees to self (group) manage, given sufficient training  and support.
  • Continuous Improvement –  Cultivate a high level of competency for all employees, to make the company the best it can be and to add value for the customer.
  • Innovation –  Create better and more effective products and/or services for the customer.