M2 Global Filter Kits Provide Utilities with an Opportunity for Bandwidth Expansion

Many utility companies need to add incremental capacity to their licensed 6 GHz microwave networks to meet the increasing demand for services. This additional capacity can be provided today in a very cost-effective manner by an “underbuild” solution which integrates non licensed PTP microwave radios into the existing network.

M2Global provides filter kits that when added to the duplexers of the antenna system permit the interconnection of non licensed 5.8 GHz PTP radios to the existing network. These unlicensed radios add a reliable Ethernet backhaul system at significant cost savings.


  • Easy integration with existing network; with minimal downtime to deploy
  • Increased bandwidth and improves operational functionality and productivity
  • Supports advanced internal applications
  • Valuable alternative to expensive T1 leased lines
  • Price significantly less than 6 GHz radios
  • Compatible with products from all major radio and antenna markets
  • No increase in total costs – use of same infrastructure

Underbuild Solution

M2 Global and our partner CTS provides the customer support needed when understanding what your system requires in order to perform at desired levels.

We are your Solution Source for hardware complimenting the solutions leading PTP Radio Manufacturers provided in this application. Taking the time to understand the configuration of your 6 GHz PTP legacy system, our team specifies the right filters with the peripheral hardware needed per-hop solution.

Filter Kits

Filter Install Kit Design

Our hardware solution package ensures you maintain the proper system performance when adding license exempt 5.8 GHz point-to-point networks.