Claudio S. Mariotta

Claudio S. Mariotta

Mariotta Consulting

Mr. Mariotta is an accomplished executive with over 35 years of domestic and international experience in general management, operations, new product development, manufacturing, and quality management.  His career highlights include managing joint development of products with AT&T and a startup company, developing an offshore software contractor, completing technical due diligence for acquisitions and equity investments, and obtaining ISO 9001 certification.  He is fluent in English, German, French, and Italian.

As a consultant and board advisor to Omnisec AG, Switzerland, Mr. Mariotta participated in due diligence for the prospective buyer and developed recommendations for the purchase of the company.  As interim chief executive officer (CEO), he restructured the company, achieved profitability in 14 months, and recruited and trained the new CEO.

At Gigatronics Instrument Division in San Ramon, California, Mr. Mariotta served as vice president of engineering and chief operating officer (COO) before being promoted to president and general manager.  His accomplishments included releasing a critical new product, dramatically improving operational efficiency, and managing the division through a difficult period that included a severe downturn in business and cancellation of a major order.

Previously, Mr. Mariotta was president and CEO of Fusion Communications in San Francisco, California, a startup company in the voice-over IP business.  He recruited the management team and key engineers, developed the business plan, and established contacts to secure initial funding.  At SSE Telecom in Fremont, California, he served as executive vice president of Product Development as well as COO and chief technology officer.  He was responsible for product development, engineering, manufacturing, and quality; established operational infrastructure; resolved product issues; and developed a production planning process and metrics for yields, suppliers, on-time deliveries, and quality.

At Harris Corporation Farinon Division in San Carlos, California, Mr. Mariotta served as vice president of Engineering and was responsible for the design and development of point-to-point microwave radios for a $180M international microwave transmission business.  He implemented a multifunctional process for the development of new products that achieved a fivefold improvement in quality, cost, and schedule; introduced a common platform design concept; developed new technologies that made the company a market leader; and achieved a tenfold improvement in the cost of scrap, rework, and labor variances in one year.  Previously, he was director of Quality Processes for Farinon Division, where he established and managed quality-related functions including test, digital production, and manufacturing engineering; introduced an automated product configurator; and played a key role in redesigning the first digital radio.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Mariotta held positions as an engineer for Farinon Electric in San Carlos and a communications engineer for Chevron USA in San Francisco, California.


Graduate courses in Microprocessors and Artificial Intelligence, University of California
Graduate studies in Business, University of Florida
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
Diploma in Electrical Engineering Swiss Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland