James N. Edwards

James N. Edwards

Principal & Owner
River Oaks Resources

Mr. Nick Edwards, principal and owner of River Oaks Resources management consulting firm, has 30 years of experience as a management consultant.  He specializes in manufacturing consulting with primary emphasis on Business Process Reengineering, Just-In-Time Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, and Manufacturing Control Systems including overall business planning, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and distribution systems.  Mr. Edwards has provided professional services for clients in the electronics, semiconductor, automotive, medical products, appliance, machine tool, aerospace, metalworking, printing, molding, plastics, woodworking, and service industries.

Prior to founding River Oaks Resources in 2000, Mr. Edwards was principal of Computer Sciences Corporation management consulting division for six years.  From 1985 to 1994, he was a director at Coopers & Lybrand management consultants.  Previously, he was employed by Rath & Strong, Inc. management consultants for 19 years, where he served as vice president of production and inventory control.

Mr. Edwards' extensive history of achievements includes leading the effort to convert an automotive plant from a functional to an in-line manufacturing system, using a "blitz" approach in which each manufacturing line was converted in one week.  Results included a reduction in lead time from 32 hours to 38 minutes, work-in-process inventory reduction of 89%, space reduction of 46%, in-plant travel distance reduction of over 68%, and a productivity gain of over 35%.  For another client, he directed the planning and design effort to convert an office furniture facility to a series of three focused-flow factories where fabrication-to-ship lead times were reduced by 70 to 90 percent.

For an electronics server manufacturer, Mr. Edwards led a process redesign effort that achieved a reduction of lead time from eight days to less than two, a productivity improvement of over 30 percent, and a nearly 45-percent reduction in product travel distance during the manufacturing process.  For a medical products company, he led the process redesign phase for a major systems project.  Results included lead-time reductions of up to 90 percent, yield improvements of 10 to 30 percent, and productivity gains of 15 to 35 percent.  For another client, he directed the pilot project for a re-engineered charge card application system that reduced acquisition lead times by 70 percent, reduced errors over 90 percent, and virtually eliminated status calls.

Mr. Edwards has developed numerous manufacturing support training materials and methodologies and is the author of many articles, including "Target Your Opportunities in Reengineering Your Corporation" and "Integrating MRP II with JIT."  He is a Certified Management Consultant, Institute of Management Consultants; a Certified Fellow, Production and Inventory Management, APICS; and a member of the American Society for Quality.  Mr. Edwards is a founding member and active participant in the Association for Manufacturing Excellence.


Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Williams College, Williams, Massachusetts