Leonard Humes, Jr.

Leonard Humes, Jr.

Director of Manufacturing & Continuous Improvement
M2 Global Technology, Ltd.

Mr. Humes is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in project management and directing manufacturing operations.  A results-oriented leader, he is recognized for establishing innovative strategies and creating business plans that exceed company objectives.  He is proficient at using Lean manufacturing techniques to eliminate waste throughout individual value streams, training talented individuals in management technologies, and leveraging team projects to create accelerated company growth, innovative work processes, and engaged employees.  His areas of expertise include project management, employee development, Lean implementation, new-business development, business re-engineering, strategic planning, product development, cost avoidance, profit growth, team leadership and participation, capital and business budgeting, and relationship management.

As senior manager of Continuous Improvement at M2 Global Technology Ltd., Mr. Humes is responsible for enhancing the company's Lean culture.  His accomplishments include improving horizontal and vertical lines of communication through more focused interaction, and enhancing the 6S employee training and progress tracking.  In addition, he is implementing and improving the hazardous substances communication system and risk management system, which was described by an AS9100 assessor as being as comprehensive as any he had ever seen.

As director of the San Antonio Manufacturing operation of Lancer Corporation, Mr. Humes was responsible for directing 8 managers, 223 employees, and several departments including Injection Molding, Sheet-metal Fabrication, Electronics PCB Fabrication, Equipment and Custom Assembly, Facilities and Environmental, and the Tool, Die, and Mold Shop.  His accomplishments included optimizing manufacturing resources to ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products to customers, managing the introduction of the Lancer Business Excellence System, and coordinating the integration of planning and manufacturing engineering functions into a value-stream management structure.  He achieved a 60% improvement in Lean Assessment scoring, established a 6S plan, reduced past-due orders by 75% in his first year as director, and substantially increased sales while reducing work-in-process.

Previously, as director of Manufacturing Engineering, Project Management Office at Lancer, Mr. Humes was responsible for a manufacturing engineering operation in Mexico.  He oversaw all project product development managers and performed strategic planning, organizing, and directing of all phases of the department's activities.  As project management administrator, he coordinated project management activities, establishing a project management office, training managers, and reducing expenditures through increased focus on deliverables.  In his 29-year career at Lancer, Mr. Humes held increasingly responsible positions, advancing from production worker to supervisor, line manager, area manager, facility manager, strategic business unit manager, manufacturing engineer, project cost analyst, and manufacturing engineering manager.  He coordinated successful moves of numerous assembly operations from San Antonio to Mexico.  His Lean-improvement achievements included leading numerous Kaizen events, improving value stream flow, and reducing non-value-added activities.


Master of Business Administration, Texas A&M University, San Antonio, Texas
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas
Associate of Arts (Engineering focus), San Antonio College, San Antonio, Texas