Robert K. Hall

Robert K. Hall

Mr. Hall is a manufacturing executive with over 15 years of multi-site management and profit and loss experience, including five years at the vice-president level and three years as general manager.  He has an extensive 12-year background in lean manufacturing and has markedly increased profits and efficiency for metals, plastics, electronics, and automotive manufacturers.

Mr. Hall's achievements include leading a process that helped increase operating profit by $229M and organizing more than 800 high-performance lean improvement teams in 120 plants worldwide.  He has served as a lean manufacturing improvement consultant to a wide variety of companies including Allied Signal, Ford Motor Company, Vickers, Ocean Spray, Chesterton, Badger Meter, Holset Engineering, Rome Strip Steel, Ciba Corning Diagnostics, Boston Scientific/Symbiosis, Dial, Solvay Automotive, Pinkerton, UVEX, Cabletec, Miller, Texas Foundries, John Deere, Joy Mining Machinery, Norcross Safety Products, Libbey, Specialty Engraving, Moen, Tempel Steel, Wright Packaging, Eimo, IR Bobcat, TST, Baxter, Flowers Foods, Neptune Technology, Toll Brothers, Electrolux, and Texas Instruments.

As vice president of operations and lean manufacturing for Rexnord unit of Invensys (a global leader in the automation and controls industry), Mr. Hall was responsible for implementing lean manufacturing at 30 plants with 6000 employees in the United States and Europe.  He increased operating profit by $18M, initiated 542 Kaizen teams, developed 36 Six Sigma black belts, and trained over 1000 employees in lean manufacturing strategies.  As vice president of operations for appliance controls unit of Invensys, he increased operating profit by $6M, improved customer quality by 71 percent, and increased on-time delivery from 82 to 94 percent.

Previously Mr. Hall was vice president of supply chain management at InterMetro Industries, the largest worldwide manufacturer of wire, sheet metal, and plastic shelving and carts.  His introduction of a continuous improvement initiative and creation of 30 high-performance teams increased operating profit by $7M and reduced manufacturing cycle time by 83 percent (from six days to one day).  In addition, Mr. Hall led the corporation through its first successful ISO 9001 registration audit.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Hall held several management positions at American National Can, one of the world's largest can, bottle, and plastic packaging manufacturers.  As manager of time-based strategy, he increased profits by $198M in three years and achieved a $700,000 annual cost savings by reducing setup time from two hours to 30 minutes.  He also trained 3000 executives, managers, and hourly personnel in lean manufacturing, just-in-time techniques, setup reduction, total productive maintenance, and process mapping.  As general manager of the Apache Control Systems Division, Mr. Hall led successful turnaround that returned the division to profitability after six consecutive years of losses.  He delivered a $34,000 profit within six months on $1.8M in annual sales, built revenues to a record $2.1M with $225,000 operating profit, and reduced inventories by 42 percent.


Master of Business Administration, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana