Custom Cable Assemblies

No matter the type of equipment, a reliable foundation can make all the difference. Your electronic cable assemblies must be designed and built to perform, with the highest level of quality.

At M2 Global we pride ourselves on understanding your products, requirements and demands. We are a custom cable assembly manufacturer with the knowledge and experience that assures quality and reliability.  We have serviced customers in a wide variety of industries, bringing over 20 years of proven expertise to every custom cable assembly we produce.

Industrial, Agriculture, and Material Handling
Industrial equipment manufacturers have relied on M2 Global for over 20 years. Using the highest quality processes, IPC soldering standards and functional testing, we ensure a consistent product for our customers. The equipment used in industrial and agricultural settings depend on rugged cable assemblies to keep operations functioning. Our production processes, engineering input and quality control ensure our cable assemblies perform to their fullest once incorporated into the OEM equipment.

Government and Military
The specifications for military equipment require high-quality custom cable assemblies that are capable of operating in diverse environments. M2 Global is proud to supply cable assemblies for government and military contracts.

Aerospace communications, testing and simulation equipment are essential for this sophisticated industry. OEM’s have relied on M2 Global to produce custom cable assemblies to fit their specifications, from the simplest to the highly complex.

Medical Equipment
Medical equipment relies on Medical Cable assemblies for mission-critical power, control and data transfer. At M2 Global, we’re committed to designing and building medical cable assemblies that keep equipment operational in whatever circumstances they’re needed.

Broadcast & Communications
New technologies are continuously evolving. We build our custom cable assemblies and work with our customers as technology evolves to deliver leading edge products for broadcast, communications, and microwave communications applications.

Custom Cable Assemblies
Building from your drawing or designing from your specs, we can manufacture cable assemblies in USA or Mexico to optimize lead times and costs, including shipping. Managing the entire supply chain, each step of the way.
• We can design and manufacture molded cable assemblies in USA or Mexico to optimize turn times and costs, including shipping.
• Our products are manufactured per ROHS, UL, and IPC-A-610 standards. We are an ISO 9001:AS9100 RevD certified cable assembly shop.
• We work with our customers to complement their current ERP systems with complete documentation, making future builds as dependable as the first.