Custom Waveguide Assemblies

Custom Waveguide Assemblies


Designed to Your Specifications


    Band Pass Filters

    Band Stop Filters

    High & Low Pass Filters


Features and Benefits

  Highly accurate designs and precision tuning to optimize customer's system performance and to reduce development costs.

  Design facility is based on full 3D electromagnetic modelling and optimization using proprietary and commercial software for accuracy and reduced prototype costs.

  Manufacturing is supported by MasterCAM, Virtual Gibbs, and CAD/CAM, enabling designs to go straight from AutoCAD and SolidWorks to CNC program resulting in superior performance and exceptional reliability.

  Vertically integrated processes allow for high-quality, quick response.

  Frequency Ranges covering 500 MHz to 40 GHz.

  Painting & Chemical Finishing done in-house.

  Tuning to required specifications.