Terms & Conditions for Suppliers


Supplier Terms & Conditions I.  ENTIRE AGREEMENT
Upon acceptance of the accompanying Purchase Order, Seller/Supplier agrees to the following terms and conditions and Seller/Supplier further agrees that the provisions in the Purchase Order, including any and all documents which may be attached thereto, are incorporated by reference as if fully set forth in this document, and all such documents shall constitute the entire Agreement between the parties superseding any prior agreements relating to the subject matter hereof.  References to the “General Provisions” and the “Agreement” shall be considered interchangeably. The “Purchase Order” is incorporated by reference as if fully set out in full.

“Seller” as used herein shall be the supplier or provider of goods and/or services to Buyer, including Seller’s employees, agents, participants, partners, or others performing on the Purchase Order.

“Buyer” as used herein shall be M2 Global Technology, Ltd., its partners, agents, customers, suppliers, employees, and others affected by this Purchase Order.

Seller’s unqualified acceptance of all terms and conditions in this Agreement is evidenced by the Seller’s acceptance of  the associated Purchase Order invoking these general provisions.  None of the terms and conditions, contained herein—including price—may be modified except by the written agreement of the parties, consistent with the applicable terms in this Agreement.

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