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How to Specify Isolators & Circulators

M2 Global offers standard and high-power isolators and circulators available in various configurations, optimized for critical parameters like VSWR, isolation, insertion loss, temperature, and size for different applications, with options to selectively optimize for specific use cases.

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Basic Facts About Circulators & Isolators

A junction circulator is a 3-port device used for directing microwave energy in one direction, and it can be turned into an isolator when one of the ports is terminated, with parameters like VSWR, isolation, insertion loss, temperature range, and more crucial for their operation, and various design considerations are explained to understand their functionality and characteristics.

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Microwave Circulators Using Ceramic & NDFEB Magnets

This article compares the magnetic and mechanical properties of Ceramic and Neodymium Iron Boron (Neo) Biasing Magnets in Drop-in Circulators operating above Gyromagnetic Resonance, examining their impact on performance and long-term operation, particularly in high-power amplifier applications, highlighting differences in Curie temperature, susceptibility to oxidation, and mechanical vulnerabilities.

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