Surface Mount Isolators

Surface Mount Isolators

Surface mount isolators are essential components in aerospace applications, serving to prevent signal reflections and interference in high-frequency communication and radar systems. These isolators can be conveniently mounted on printed circuit boards, efficiently directing reflected signals away from the source and safeguarding sensitive equipment to ensure reliable and interference-free operation in aerospace environments.

Product Specs

Surface Mount Isolators

M2 Global is currently in the process of developing SMT package options for all of our popular Drop-In Isolator designs. We offer both a robust package capable of withstanding vibration and shock loads and well as lighter, less costly puck-style package design. Call for our engineering staff to discuss your frequency, power handling and environmental needs. We currently have SMT designs in frequencies ranging from 4 to 10 GHz.

Frequency Range (GHz) Isolation (Min) (-dB) Insertion Loss (Max) (-dB) VSWR (Max) Reverse Power (Watts) Forward Power (Watts) Operating * Temperature °C Footprint (in x in) Part Number Outline Drawing
4.200-4.400 20 0.40 1.22 10 20 -40 to +85 0.750 x 0.678 994-420440-301 SM04
9.300-9.700 20 0.35 1.22 30 30 -55 to +100 0.350 x 0.457 994-730970-101 SM03
10.500-13.300 20 0.50 1.22 30 30 -40 to +80 0.350 x 0.457 994-105133-101 SM03

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