M2 Global’s Integrated Isofilter Products

October 25, 2023

M2Global designs and supplies integrated subassemblies comprising of filters and isolators called isofilters. M2Global is a world leader in off the shelf and custom designed isolators and circulators as well as filters.

The isolators and circulators are usually standalone components. However, in an actual system, most M2Global users combine isolators and circulators with filters and other passive components. Using its robust experience in filter and ferrite products, M2Global approaches the integration among filters; isolators and circulators in a way that minimizes size mismatch and interconnect losses. The approach involves integration of machined parts for the isolator/circulator and the filter/diplexer etc. as per customer specifications, as the primary step. Overall tuning and packaging of the assembly then follow it.

Following are the filters, which can be integrated in M2Global’s isofilters:

  1. Waveguide filters-for high-power and low-loss applications
  2. Stripline/Suspended/Microstrip filters-for low power and moderate-loss applications.
  3. Cavity filters-for high-Q and high selectivity applications.