M2Global Filter Kits Provide Utilities with an opportunity for Bandwidth expansion at significant cost savings

November 1, 2023

Many utility companies need to add incremental capacity to their licensed 6 GHz microwave networks to meet the increasing demand for services. This additional capacity can be provided today in a very cost-effective manner by an “underbuild” solution which integrates non licensed PTP microwave radios into the existing network. M2Global provides filter kits that when added to the duplexers of the antenna system permit the interconnection of non licensed 5.8 GHz PTP radios to the existing network. These unlicensed radios add a reliable Ethernet backhaul system at significant cost savings.


  • Easy integration with existing network; with minimal downtime to deploy
  • Increased bandwidth and improves operational functionality and productivity
  • Supports advanced internal applications • Valuable alternative to expensive T1 leased lines
  • Price significantly less than 6 GHz radios • Compatible with products from all major radio and antenna markets • No increase in total costs – use of same infrastructure

M2 Global and our partner CTS provides the customer supportwhen understanding what your system requires in order to perform at desired levels. We are your Solution Source for hardware complimenting the solutions leading PTP Radio Manufacturers provided in this application. Taking the time to understand the configuration of your 6 GHz PTP legacy system, our team specifies the right filters with the peripheral hardware needed per-hop solution.


Our hardware solution package ensures you maintain the proper system performance when adding license exempt 5.8 GHz point-to-point networks.

M2 Global headquartered in beautiful San Antonio, Texas, M2 Global Technology, Ltd., a premier worldwide supplier of microwave components & contract manufacturing services, has a legacy of serving the defense, telecommunications, and medical industries for over 30 years. The systems, satellite up and down links, and line-of-sight communications, radar, and broadcast equipment. The primary markets served include commercial communications, power amplifiers, satellite communications, satellite segments; high-definition TV broadcast equipment, and the Depart of Defense.

M2 Global specialized in applying advanced ferrite technologies to provide high-performance radio frequency (RF) microwave components in standard and custom configurations for coaxial, wave-guide, and drop-in circulators and isolators. In addition, the company designs and manufactures diplexers, filters, wave-guide assemblies, and machined housings. M2 Global also manufactures a wide variety of products as a value-added contract manufacturing supplier specializing in prototyping, quick-turn service through full-rate production requirements.

CTS Consolidated Telecom Systems is a woman owned business with 20 years of experience in Project Management, RF Engineering, Site Design and Construction of wireless communication networks. CTS is an innovative company committed to excellence in developing solutions that satisfy customer needs. We offer design and integration services, technical support and quality consulting at a reasonable man-day rate to meet resource requirements or fixed price implementation packages for defined scopes of work. We work well in a teaming environment allowing flexibility in customizing a suite of services to meet unique requirements for diverse projects. We use proven methodologies in Project Management and Six Sigma as the framework for application of skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to meet our deliverables.

CTS is integrated by talented and creative individuals who provide our clients with quality-engineered products along with an open and progress-oriented attitude. Our main concern is creating a professional atmosphere with the intent to elevate human development and conduct business with integrity and in an ethical manner.

CTS has a long tradition of leadership and innovation. We continue to expand our services to meet emerging customer needs. Our broad range of capabilities is to create advanced technology solutions that reach across diverse necessities by arranging developed solutions for our customers.