Coaxial Isolators

Coaxial Dual Junction Isolator

Coaxial dual junction isolators are critical components in the aerospace manufacturing industry, primarily designed to protect sensitive RF and microwave systems by isolating them from unwanted signals and reflections. These isolators help maintain signal integrity and prevent interference, ensuring the reliable operation of communication, navigation, and radar systems in aerospace applications.

Product Specs

Coaxial Dual Junction Isolator

These modular design isolators and circulators provide coax units with the inherent advantages of drop-in devices, including good heat sinking, high power terminations, and 20/30 dB tabs for reverse power monitoring.  Models H01, H02, and H03 can be equipped with terminations, up to 75W, while model H04 can have terminations up to 200W.  The smaller H03 models can be used at frequencies up to 14 GHz.  Optional mounting hole patterns are provided.

Note 1:  Devices are Encapsulated for High Peak Power and High Altitude.
Note 2:  IMD Performance is -75 dB with 2 Tones at 20W.

*  Case Temperature Not To Exceed Operating Temperature

Frequency Range (GHz) Isolation (Min) (-dB) Insertion Loss (Max) (-dB) VSWR (Max) Reverse Power (Watts) Forward Power (Watts) Operating Temperature oC Footprint (in x in) SMA or N-Type Part Number Outline Drawing
0.824-0.849 50 0.60 1.22 100 100 -40 to +85 2.50 x 1.25 SMA 996-824849-891 H20
1.850-1.910 50 0.60 1.22 100 100 -40 to +85 2.50 x 1.25 SMA 996-185191-891 H20

For a complete table of high level technical specifications offered with this product, please view this page on a larger device, preferably a laptop or desktop computer.

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