Waveguide Products

Custom Field Install Kits

Custom field installation kits for waveguide products serve the critical purpose of facilitating the installation and maintenance of complex waveguide components. These kits are tailor-made to ensure efficient assembly and maintenance processes, supporting the reliable operation of waveguide systems in aerospace applications.

Product Specs

Custom Field Install Kits

Custom Kits can be configured to match the customer’s specific field installation requirements with the following:

  • Flex Waveguide Sections
  • Rigid Waveguide Sections
  • Twisted Waveguide Sections
  • E / H Bends
  • Waveguide Hangers
  • Spacers
  • Gasket Sets
  • Pressure Windows
  • Hardware
  • O-Rings

M2 Global fabricates Build-to-Print Installation Kits from an extensive stock of waveguide components. We drop ship to customer installation sites.

For a complete table of high level technical specifications offered with this product, please view this page on a larger device, preferably a laptop or desktop computer.

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