Waveguide Products

Flex and Twistable Sections

Flex and twistable sections for waveguide products are essential in aerospace applications to enable the precise alignment and routing of high-frequency electromagnetic signals. These sections offer flexibility and adaptability to accommodate the complex geometries and mechanical demands of aerospace systems, ensuring efficient signal transmission and system performance in challenging environments.

Product Specs

Flex and Twistable Sections

Flex waveguide is manufactured in lengths up to 4 feet in seemless brass in waveguide sizes WR28 through WR284.

Twistable flex is manufactured in lengths up to 10 feet in waveguide sizes WR28 through WR284.  Neoprene jacketing is available.

Painting, chemical finishing, and/or plating are available per requirements.

Flange options include: CPR, CMR, Choke, Cover, or Foreign Flange Standards.

Flex waveguide is also available without flanges.

Waveguide Size Frequency Range (GHz) Flex and Twistable Flex
WR 284 2.60-3.95 1
WR 229 3.30-4.90 2
WR 187 3.95-5.85 3
WR 159 4.90-7.05 4
WR 137 5.85-8.20 5
WR 112 7.05-10.0 6
WR 102 7.00-11.0 7
WR 90 8.20-12.4 8
WR 75 10.0-15.0 9
WR 62 12.4-18.0 10
WR 51 15.0-22.0 11
WR 42 18.0-26.5 12
WR 28 26.5-40.0 13

For a complete table of high level technical specifications offered with this product, please view this page on a larger device, preferably a laptop or desktop computer.

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