Filters and Diplexers

Integrated Isofilters

Integrated Isofilters are designed to provide a combined function of signal isolation and filtering to ensure clean and interference-free signal transmission in complex communication and radar systems. By integrating these two functions, Isofilters help protect sensitive equipment from signal reflections and external interference, maintaining the integrity and reliability of aerospace communication and navigation systems.

Product Specs

Integrated Isofilters

M2 Global designs and manufactures integrated isofilters.  These components consist of a filter or diplexer matched to an isolator or circulator.

Isolators and circulators are usually standalone components.  However in an actual system most of M2 Global’s filter customers combine isolators with filters and other passive components.  M2 Global approaches the integration of filters and isolators (or circulators) in a way that minimizes size mismatch and interconnect losses.  Parts for the isolator / circulator and the filter  / diplexer are machined to meet customer specifications, and assembled and tuned for optimum performance.

Filters are designed with our precise EM modelling software that provides fast and efficient designs. We have existing isofilter designs for WR137, WR112, WR90, WR75, and WR62.

The following types of filters can be integrated in M2 Global’s isofilters:

  1. Waveguide filters for high-power and low-loss applications.
  2. Stripline / Suspended / Microstrip filters for low power and modcerate-loss applications.
  3. Cavity filters for high-Q and high selectivity applications.

For a complete table of high level technical specifications offered with this product, please view this page on a larger device, preferably a laptop or desktop computer.

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