Waveguide Products

Straight and Twisted Sections

Straight and twisted sections of waveguide products serve critical roles in aerospace applications, providing precise signal routing and accommodating varying mechanical requirements in complex communication and radar systems. These sections enable the efficient transmission of high-frequency electromagnetic signals, ensuring reliable and optimal performance in the demanding aerospace environment, particularly when dealing with intricate signal paths and challenging installation constraints.

Product Specs

Straight and Twisted Sections

Rigid Waveguide Sections are manufactured in lengths up to 12 feet from copper, aluminum, or brass waveguide in waveguide sizes from WR28 through WR284.

Lengths with 90° twists are available.

Painting, Chemical Finishing, and/or Plating are available per requirements.

Flange options include:  CPR, CMR, Choke, Cover, or Foreign Flange Standards.

Waveguide Size Frequency Range (GHz)
WR 284 2.60-3.95
WR 229 3.30-4.90
WR 187 3.95-5.85
WR 159 4.90-7.05
WR 137 5.85-8.20
WR 112 7.05-10.0
WR 102 7.00-11.0
WR 90 8.20-12.4
WR 75 10.0-15.0
WR 62 12.4-18.0
WR 51 15.0-22.0
WR 42 18.0-26.5
WR 34 22.0-33.0
WR 28 26.5-40.0

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